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Pediatric pelvic floor physiotherapy is a special form of pelvic floor physiotherapy.  It treats children who experience pelvic floor dysfunction, and now is available at On The Coast Physio.

Pediatric pelvic floor physiotherapy uses biofeedback, muscle retraining, education and  beneficial habits forming to restore child’s function.  It does NOT involve internal exams.

Conditions treated:

  •     Enuresis (bed wetting)

  •     overactive bladder/underactive bladder

  •     urinary urge incontinence

  •     urinary stress incontinence

  •     giggle incontinence

  •     frequency

  •     dysfunctional voiding

  •     vaginal reflux

  •     bowel/bladder dysfunction

  •     constipation

  •     fecal incontinence

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