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The clinic is open on Saturdays from 10 am to 7 pm; however, calls are returned Monday through Friday at lunchtime and between 5pm and 7 pm.

The schedule is subject to change – please check back here for updates.

Ways to connect:

e.  info@onthecoastphysio.com

t.   604 989 6828  to call or text​

With global, and now also local concerns around COVID-19, in following the recommendation of Canadian Public Health Authorities at this time, On The Coast Physio has been closed for in person visits, until deemed to be safe to resume seeing clients again. Tele-health consultations are available to continue provide service to the clients.

Tele-health consultations could be a great way to keep you on track with your goals and address any challenges that may arise. I will be able to give you feedback on your progress, keep motivated to continue to take care of yourself and problem solve difficulties if needed.

If interested please call, text or email to receive more information about remote visit options.

NOTE: There are stairs with railing to enter the lower level of the Cowrie Professional Centre.  If you are unable to negotiate the stairs, please consider booking a visit at the Vancouver location, Reformotive Physio + Pilates