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Physiotherapy in your own home.

A physiotherapy home visit allows you to have an assessment and treatment right in the comfort of your own home. 

Who can benefit from a home visit

  • People with mobility issues

  • Residents of care homes

  • When you do not have transportation to travel to the clinic

  • If you have incontinence concerns preventing you from leaving the house for an extended period of time

  • If you are a new parent/ when there are childcare arrangement challenges

  • If you have a child (paediatric client) who might feel more at ease in the familiar surroundings at home

pelvic floor physiotherapy

What can be done at home?

All of the things that can be done at the clinic can also be done at your home.  

How do I prepare?

In preparation for the visit all the clients are asked to wash hands before the session begins, wear a mask, and have a well-ventilated room with a window that can open. A therapist will come to your home with all the equipment needed and you just have to open the door! 

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