To comply with the Provincial Health Authority, Work Safe, and College of Physical Therapist of BC there are changes implemented to provide the best safety both for the clients and the therapist.


  To reduce the number of people in one space at any given time, you are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. If you arrive too early, and the waiting room is occupied, you are asked to wait in an alternate area: either outside, or in your car until the appointment time. ​


  A screening questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms needs to be filled out before the visit (form sent via email) or verbally reviewed before the commencement of the treatment.  Consent to the treatment given COVID 19 risks will be required at each visit: consent for touch and interactions within 2m distance.

    The appointment will be cancelled immediately if either the patient or the practitioner presents with symptoms that may be signs of COVID-19.            


   Cancellation fee will not be in effect for any cancellation due to illness and the visit will be rebooked. For the client to return to the clinic, written proof from their GP of recovery, or proof of COVID-19 diagnosis more than 14 days from their next scheduled appointment date will be required. A complete COVID-19 health screening questionnaire will be repeated at the time of that visit also.

   Clients with higher risk profiles and/or weakened immune systems should consider alternatives for care such as TeleHealth visit and postpone the in person treatment. 

  A contactless payment terminal is available for payment and receipts will be delivered via email whenever possible.


  Both the therapist and the client are required to wear a face mask on-site; you are welcomed to bring your own or you will be provided a disposable mask onsite. 


   Hand sanitizer is provided in the waiting room and treatment room for maintaining hand hygiene upon entry and before leaving the facility.


   The treatment room/office and common areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected at all touch surfaces, including office and entrance door handles (inside and outside), treatment tables, and furniture.


   While the bathroom is available on site, please avoid using the facilities unless necessary. The bathroom is cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day.

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